Adult Trans4mation

Age 6 months and older

7 Weeks

This is a two level course that teaches your dog basic obedience behaviors plus general manners like waiting at the door and leave it. If you choose to go through both levels your dog will be ready to take a CGC Workshop here at Happy Acres! The CGC is a great way to acknowledge your hard work and dedication to training your dog.

Adult Trans4mation Level 1

Adult transformation is for puppies 6 months old and for the eternal puppy no matter what Age. We introduce the pups to 12 cues you will use daily. We show you how to train with scientifically based methods that are fun for you and motivating for your dog. In this class we will learn the name game, look, come, down, loose leash walking, leave it, sit, sit stay, down stay, what’s that?, wait at the door and sit for greet.

Starts Tuesday, June 29th at 6:00 pm

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Adult Trans4mation Level 2

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