Make sure all of your questions are answered before or after you come to Happy Acres!


If you have a puppy start with a puppy class. Our Puppy Manners class offer safe socialization opportunities with other puppies. Otherwise if your dog is six months or older, they can join our Manners 1 class.

Our classes differ based on the number of weeks you attend class. You can find all of the prices listed here. Unless otherwise noted, classes are $165 for 7 weekly sessions.

All class are 45 to 50 minutes long. We meet weekly for 4, 7 or 10 weeks depending the class you signed up for.

If you are going to miss several classes and do not want to wait for the next class session I offer videos of the behaviors taught in class. The videos are $15 per lesson missed.

I offer make-up videos that you can purchase for $15 per lesson

Cancelations must be made 72 hours before the start of group classes, private lessons or other services rendered by Happy Acres Dog Training.
Payments will be refunded minus a $25 admin. fee if a cancelation is made 48 hours before the start of group classes, private lessons or other services rendered by Happy Acres Dog Training is given.
No refunds are given if cancellations are made 24 hours in advance of group classes, private lessons or other services rendered by Happy Acres Dog Training

No, I do not offer boarding at this time.

At this time, I do not offer this service.

You can enroll in a class by going here and filling out your information.

This could be my problem or it could be that the class is full and has been removed from the site.

Either way I will look into this for you. Please contact us here.


Yes! There are several mental and physical games we offer, such as Nose Work or Parkour to help owners and dogs combine their energy levels. Please review those options here.

No, you need to work with a behavior consultant. As much as I would love to have you in class, we need to make sure you are safe, your dog is safe, and the other dogs are safe. Here are two recommendations I frequently make.

Dana Fedman, CPDT-KA, ACDBC — Pupstart: 515-277-8779
Clint Knox — Knox Canine Training: 515-771-4660 or email at knoxcanine@gmail.com

No, I work with all breeds, ages, and personalities! As long as they are not aggressive and you can keep them under control, I’d love to create an environment where we can create success for them.


I recommend it for all ages of dogs.  For young puppies that are working on potty training or for older dogs that just need a safe space to retreat to if needed. Crate training is something that you and your dog will use throughout your dog’s entire life whether it is for safety in your car or for an overnight vet visit it is important for your dogs to feel comfortable in a crate.

First, find a veterinarian that you trust.  Having a good relationship with your vet is very important to you and your pup’s success.

Then…. go shopping!

Here is a list of my favorite supplies:

  1. Puppy Food (Bone-a-Patreat is a good place to get puppy food)
  2. Kongs 
  3. Benebones
  4. Bullysticks 
  5. West Paw Toys 
  6. Puppy Pen (48 inch) 
  7. Puppy Pads 
  8. Puppy Pellets
  9. Potty Box 
  10. Kennel 
  11. Lots of Toys — Bone-a-Aatreat also has a lot of toys to choose from.
  12. Freedom No Pull Harness and Leash – Tawnya has these! 
  13. A regular collar with a tag that includes your pup’s name and your phone number.
  14. Treats – You can get these from Bone-a-patreat or here      
  15. Beds & Blankets (until they are older don’t spend to much money on the dog bed so it isn’t a big deal if the dog has an accident or tears up the bed/blankets)
  16. Nail Clippers 
  17. Brush
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