Online Classes

Let us help you teach your pup great manners all in the comfort of your own home!

All of our classes use positive reinforcement to encourage the development of desirable skills. We use these methods so that you and your dog have fun learning, because they are kinder, and because they are actually much more effective in teaching positive behaviors and discouraging undesirable behaviors than punitive training methods.

Here is how this works:

You will receive an email with instructions shortly after purchase. Gather up necessary supplies, most of which you probably have in your home. We put together a custom online course and email you a link to weekly videos.

Open the link, watch the videos and work with your pup!

This is very much about teaching you as it is your pup. We are here to give you the best pawsitive approach to training your dog for your success!

*You have 3 months to complete an online course from date of purchase.
After 3 months, the link to each online class will not be viewable. 
Lets get started!