Advanced NoseWork – Starts July 8th 6pm


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Dogs 6 months and older

Did you know 1/3 of a dog’s brain is dedicated to sorting out scents?  NoseWork gives the dogs an opportunity to use these innate abilities! This is a fun sport that ANY dog can do. One Sheltie started NoseWork at age twelve!

There are two introductory workshops, Introduction to NoseWork and Introduction to Odor.  Each work shop is six weeks in length and are required before moving on to the NoseWork workshop.  After completing this two workshops you may hind you are hooked!  This is a fun and fascinating class that teaches you more about your dog’s natural abilities.

Advanced NoseWork (4 weeks, $90):  This class is for teams that have done the Intro to NoseWork and Intro to Odor Workshops and enjoy the game.  There is no pressure to trial, it is social event that is fun for both handlers and dogs.



3 in stock



Starts July 8th at 6pm




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