Fast Track Training Once a Week (6 Weeks w/Class)


Fast Track Training:
Don’t have the time or the patiences to train?
We will do the training for you… There is a catch, you still have to practice.
Choose between Puppy or Adult Level 1 or 2
We will teach your dog the behaviors we teach in our in person Transformation Adult and Puppy classes at whatever level you pup is at.  Homework for you and your pup will be sent home and is required for result.
Here is how this works:
You drop your dog off for 4 hours – Preferred time between 12-4 Monday, Wednesday & Friday (There is some flexibility, please email Tawnya or Elizabeth to discuss)
We will teach your pup the behaviors we teach in class
We will review with you upon pickup and an email with homework will be sent home.
You work with your pup throughout the week!


*DISCLAIMER! THREE BEHAVIORS CANNOT BE MASTERED IN 4 HOURS – You will also need to work with your pup to help achieve the 3 behaviors.


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