Clients often ask me for my recommendation for other professional resources for your dogs. These are the people to KNOW!

  • Dr. Pam Doubek is my vet. She has been a great addition to my resource team here in Iowa. She is great with the dogs—and with me, too! She even takes the time to listen to my training stories. She is located at 7507 Dennis Dr. Des Moines IA 50322 and can be reached at 515-276-4549. Visit Her Site
  • Patricia McConnell, PhD CAAB, is an animal behaviorist. She has a wonderful down-to-earth, positive approach to working with animals and is a wealth of knowledge! Visit Her Site
  • I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with and train under Monique Feyrecilde when I lived in Washington State. Monique is a certified Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behavior, one of only 9 such specialists in the world! She has a deep respect for animals and is an excellent teacher. Her philosophy is that teaching animals is symbiotic with learning from animals.
  • Suzanne Clothier has a great way of putting dog behavior into human terms—terms that are amusing yet effective and meaningful. Suzanne Clothier | Relationship Centered Dog Training. Contact her here 
  • I think of Ian Dunbar as the granddaddy of positive reinforcement training. His site will give you great tips and has very useful downloads on preparing for a puppy and puppy training. Contact Dog Star Daily
  • I enjoy how Denise Fenzi endorses and implements positive and thoughtful training methods. Her Fenzi Dog Sports Academy website features online classes and a very informative blog.