Dog Training

Whether your canine best friend is young or old, Happy Acres offers classes to help build skills and improve your relationship.

Welcome to Happy Acres dog training. We offer 3 levels of private lessons. Private Lessons are held in a engaging, clean and temperature-controlled training studio. However, if the weather is nice we train outdoors on our spacious training field.

Our students have access to me, their trainer, via email or through our secret group on Facebook called Puppy SOS. Puppy is SOS is a new community for those who have taken or take lessons here at Happy Acres Dog Training. The goal of this group is to support and encourage people to ask questions about dog training during the week instead of waiting until their next lesson.

We work through 12 basic behaviors in our introductory level lessons. You learn how to teach your pup with scientifically based training methods that are fun for you and your dog. And on graduation day, there is a test of sorts that will help you identify your team’s strengths and areas you still need to work.

Our Level 2 lessons refine the twelve behaviors by adding distance, duration and distraction. The behaviors practiced in level 2 will prepare you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and Certificate.

Don’t forget to have fun or try your hand at competitions. We offer K9 NoseWork, and Parkour classes. These are fun for you, good for your dog’s mental health AND strengthen the bond with your pup! Why just have a dog? Let’s train a great dog!

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*If your female comes into season during the class session, please leave her at home while you come to class and learn. A female can be in season from 2 to 4 weeks You’ll know the cycle is over when all her vulva returns to its normal size and there’s no more bleeding or discharge.
Refunds will not be given for girls coming into season during the class sessions.

4 weeks | $90 | Any age dogs

If you think your dog is up to challenging, fun, physical activities in which they will learn to interact with their environment then this class is for you. Just like the human version of parkour where individuals move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path, in this class your dog will work on ways to conquer obstacles too. We will have lots of fun by using nature’s obstacles and everyday objects to learn to climb, balance, and jump. Some basic obedience knowledge is required, but there are no barriers. With a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this. You will be surprised at what you and your dog can achieve!

*Dogs should have at least two levels of private training to take a parkour course.

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Dogs 6 months and older

Did you know 1/3 of a dog’s brain is dedicated to sorting out scents?  NoseWork gives the dogs an opportunity to use these innate abilities! This is a fun sport that ANY dog can do. One Sheltie started NoseWork at age twelve!

There are two introductory workshops, Introduction to NoseWork and Introduction to Odor.  Each work shop is six weeks in length and are required before moving on to the NoseWork workshop.  After completing this two workshops you may hind you are hooked!  This is a fun and fascinating class that teaches you more about your dog’s natural abilities.

Introduction to NoseWork (6 weeks – $135):  This class introduces “the game” in many environments and with many fun and challenging puzzles.  In this class we are looking to build and encourage your pups search drive.

Introduction to Odor (6 weeks – $120): This class introduces odor to “the game”.  We teach the pups the value of finding odor with more fun and challenging puzzles.

NoseWork (4 weeks, $90):  This class is for teams that have done the Intro to NoseWork and Intro to Odor Workshops and enjoy the game.  There is no pressure to trial, it is social event that is fun for both handlers and dogs.

Trial Ready!(4 weeks, $90):  This class is for teams who want to go to trial with their dogs.  We will focus on search strategies, complex (at times) hides and helping the dog and handlers be prepared for trial.

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See all available classes here!